We work with each grower and conduct multiple site visits throughout the audit cycle period. We have an experienced staff of professionals that will assist each grower based on their unique needs. Some may need more help than others, especially on their first year, and we will invest the time needed for each business owner (grower) to be fully prepared and ready for the audit.

Below is a brief summary of our services and commitments:

  • 100% Success Rate = Peace of Mind: If you adopt our proven system and follow our lead, we are confident you will pass your audit and have your certificate in hand.
  • QMS Management System
    • This is what makes Guardian Harvest so successful; this is our road map to helping each grower achieve their certification
    • Comprehensive Registrar with accurate maps, acreage, contacts and correct addresses for each ranch etc.
  • Website: you have access to our website during each year you are certified and utilizing our service.
    • Each grower will have a unique user name and pass word that opens up to your individual grower portal
    • We archive each growers data and track it year over year and it’s accessible to you 24/7
    • We have a computer station reserved for any grower who needs help uploading information into their web portal. A Guardian Harvest staff member will walk you or them through the entire web site for future reference.
    • Our web site also has video tutorials on how to upload your/their specific information.
  • Water Samples: We facilitate the collection of water samples for each grower and send them to the lab for testing.
  • MRL: We collect MRL samples based on the written risk assessment of the QMS manager.
  • QMS Auditor: Included in Option 2 program.
  • Internal Auditor: Included in Option 2 program
  • Internal Inspector: Included for each grower
  • 3rd Party Audit: Included: We prepare, coordinate, schedule and facilitate all required annual audits and spot audits
  • Correctives Actions: Included, typically it’s about 2 hours per grower to rectify all corrective actions
  • Off Season Audits: Included, typically its 50% of the square root of the Option 2.
  • GAP Food Safety training: Either at our offices or in the field, we offer this to each grower included in our program.
  • Local Office: Our main office is located in Kingsburg and we are here to assist you in anyway possible. We have a team that will answer questions and get you information etc..