Certification Process

Once you have all the proper documents for certification, compare offers from the certification bodies in your country and register with the one you choose. Carry out a self-assessment using certification checklist and correct all points that you don’t comply with. Arrange an appointment with your approved certification body. An inspector/auditor will then conduct an on-site inspection. Once you have complied with standard’s requirements, you’ll receive your certification.

How Guardian Harvest Can Help

Guardian Harvest makes sure everything is order for your certification and audit. We gather reports from growers and their suppliers in order to fulfill the requirements of the certification standard. Our job is to make it as painless of a process as possible for you, the grower. We will do what we’re best at and partner with you so ou can do what you’re best at. We don’t see our growers just as clients, but as partners. We’ll schedule an auditor to come during harvest, go through all the paperwork on your behalf, and visit the ranch with the auditor.

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Certifications We Offer

GLOBALG.A.P. – Producer Group Certification

Mostly used in the field
Trademark and set of standards for Good Agricultural Practices
Worldwide standard
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CCSW (Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing)

More California wineries are requiring this certification in order to supply your wine grapes to them
Requirements are comprehensive and involve extensive documentation
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Primus GFS

For Facilities
Most Retailers require this food safety certification, especially in the US
This standard meets GFSI requirements
Compliant with: PrimusGFS Version 3.2 Documents
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Primus GAP

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) ensure that field operations account for potential food safety issues
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FSMA-Produce Safety Rule / (PSR)

Establishes minimum standards required for ``the safe growing, harvesting, packing, and holding of fruits and vegetables grown for human consumption``
Regulated and enforced by the FDA
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CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers)

We assist our Growers with collecting all documents and materials needed to facilitate the CCOF audit on the behalf of our clients
CCOF certification stands for ( California Certified Organic Farmers)
We get our clients CCOF certified, allowing the Farmer to be hands off through the inspection.
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Get Started with your certification today

Our food safety program guides you on standard operating procedures and gives you online forms with all of the information needed to comply with a 3rd party audit.